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The School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) is a unique centre of learning that fosters innovative scientific ideas through interdisciplinary and interacting teaching and research in frontal areas of the natural sciences. The School pursues research in applied and green chemistry, textile and polymer chemistry, petroleum products, supramolecules and macromolecules, kinetics and catalysts, physical organic chemistry and computational chemistry. The School offers M.Sc. programmes in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Sciences and an M.Phil./Ph.D. programme in Chemistry. Students at the School undergo several stages of learning with wider and deeper exposure to almost every aspect of the chemical sciences: theoretical, applied, instrumental, computational and experimental.
Existing students of the School have published their research work in international journals, book chapters, and scientific coverage. The School has been pursuing innovative approaches and playing vital role in linking the physical sciences and bridging the gap between physical and biological sciences. Such methodology has also gained further importance due to interdisciplinary approaches in various fields like nanotechnology, renewable energy, bio- inspired molecules, multifunctional supramolecules and green technology. These sciences are useful to design and develop new molecular entities and methods to be applied in various fields such as defense, electronics, communication and space research.
As per the expertise of the faculties, the School conducts innovative and advanced optional short courses along with the main course curriculum. Seminars, workshops and discussions are frequently organized in interest of academic growth and knowledge advancement. A free academic environment is maintained so that the talent of students is expressed for productive and innovative research.

The School of Chemical Sciences will have the following programme for the Academic Year 2014-15.
  1. M.Sc. (Two-Year programme) in Industrial Chemistry
  2. M.Phil./Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences
  3. M.Sc. (Two Year Programme) in Chemical Sciences
  4. Certificate Course in Analytical Technique for Visually Challenged for Six Months
School of Chemical Sciences (SCS)