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Programmes offered at CSSM, SSS :
1. M.A. in Social Management (5 years integrated programme).
2. To commence in due course: M.Phil.-Ph.D. in Social Management.

The thrust areas of the M.Phil.-Ph.D. programme would be Development Management and Institutions and Governance.

The Centre for Studies in Social Management offers a 5 years integrated programme in the field of Social Management. The ten semester programme aims to equip its participants with the requisite skills of both social work and management discipline, embedded in social sciences, that ensures a multidisciplinary approach. This would help in critically understanding issues in the development sector. The field work component (which is around 40 percent of the course) would ensure that the students would gain an exposure to a diverse range of organizations from grass root level to public institutions.Oncompletion of the course, the students would find gainful employment at various managerial positions in social organizations &development sector.

Social Management as an academic programme also envisages taking up research programmes that seeks to understand and develop theoretical and applied knowledge and skills with respect to policy issues, so as to act as a catalyst for change. Given the diverse actors in the policy domain, the Centre for Studies in Social Management would open up a platform for dialogue between academia, government, civil society and NGOs at various levels. The core idea is to have professionals and researchers who will contribute in innovative and critical ways to the development sector.

Centre for Studies in Social Management