Centre for Diaspora Studies (CDS)

Diaspora Studies is a new interdisciplinary area that has emerged in Humanities and Social Sciences dealing with the study of migration and its cultural, literary, social, political and economic impact. It is an established fact that the contribution of overseas communities of Indians to Indian economy has been substantial. Also the Indian overseas community has emerged as the 'soft power' promoting India's international relations, being its global ambassadors and contributing immensely to the social and intellectual capital of India. But what is less known is the mourning and trauma of losing the protection of home and homeland, challenges of alienation, assimilation, acculturation and reconciliation encountered by people who migrate to foreign countries. A sizeable body of literature now exists both in the forms of novels, biographies, autobiographies, diaries, short stories, dramas, poems (not to mention films) and also scholarly writings on issues related to the historical, anthropological, sociological, political and economic aspects of the process of migration of people. The history of Indian migration goes back to ancient and pre-modern times though it has become a subject of study only in recent times. The Centre takes a multidisciplinary approach to study the variant aspects of diaspora.

Programmes offered at Centre for Diaspora Studies (CDS) :

1) M. Phil.-Ph. D. Program in Diaspora Studies

Centre for Diaspora Studies offers M. Phil.-Ph.D. in Diaspora Studies which is an integrated programme.