School of Education (SOE)

The School of Education at the Central University of Gujarat offers two flagship programmes; the two-year M.Ed. programme and Ph.D. in Education. The courses offered by School of Education aim at helping the students to explore the most challenging and exciting questions in education research, policy and practice and enable them to shape the future world with the transformative power of education. It would prepare experienced teacher educators for performing various roles in schools, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and beyond. The school is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the curriculum, in our classrooms and in our campus culture.

Programmes offered

1. Master Level Programme

Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Two years)

The M.Ed. programme is of four semesters (two years). As per the course structure, the course includes theory courses, concurrent field work, internship, research project etc. The course structure is choice based, flexible and is interdisciplinary. The pedagogy and didactics are interactive and based on field learning. The academic culture places great emphasis on student initiative. The evaluation is continuous, and grade based that is based on assignments, tutorials, seminars, projects as well as semester exams. The main purpose of this programme is to prepare teacher educators and educational administrators/managers to develop a global as well as a national vision for education in the 21st century, familiarizing them with the state-of-the art technology relevant to the practice of education. Further, it seeks to prepare educational experts capable of generating knowledge by the application of scientific method of inquiry or investigation, and to develop a critical mind which can sense gaps in knowledge and find solutions to problems relating to the theory and practice of education. It further seeks to widen the horizon of teachers/educational administrators and to enable them to obtain an international perspective in education. The programme is aimed at developing competencies and skills so that one can share the responsibility of preparing teachers for diverse situations by using a variety of instruments including ICTs. The other focused areas include the role of teachers in changing global socio-economic concerns, organization of teacher education in the country and world too, understanding teaching in a comparative perspective, meeting the requirements of ' education for all ', and ' training for all ', and preparing teachers to meet the challenges of the present time. At the end of the course, a student would be equipped with various skills like leadership skills, assessment skills, analytic skills etc. Thus, a student with this kind of learning can fit in various careers like teaching, educational administration and management, research, policy making etc.

2. Ph.D. Programme:

Ph.D. in Education

School of Education offers Ph.D. Programme that seeks to develop theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skills with respect to education from elementary to higher education. The programme aims to strengthen the scholars understanding about educational theories and practices, research, educational policy and the relationship among them.

The School of School of Education(SOE):

  1. Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Two years)
  2. Ph.D. in Education