Centre for Security Studies

Centre for Security Studies (CSS) at the School of International Studies attempts to impart theoretical, empirical and critical understanding of the changing notions of security encompassing a complex and frequently interconnected set of issues. The integrated M.Phil / Ph.D programme offered at the Centre address key elements of both traditional and non-traditional security issues ranging from national defence and security, international security, terrorism, security in the cyber age, ethnic, religious and ideological conflicts, as well as threats to human security and the stability of states from environmental degradation, infectious diseases, cross-border migration and the activities of non-state actors.

The Centre views security as a multidisciplinary issue that should involve the widest spectrum of individuals and benefit from the contribution of all sectors in society. The Centre's integrated M.Phil / Ph.D program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills relevant to understanding both traditional and emerging security challenges, drawing on a wide range of disciplinary fields including defence, international relations, strategic studies, political science, economics, demography etc. The focus is not only on strategic thinking and analysis, regional and country knowledge, but also to equip students with skills to pursue a career in academics, diplomacy, journalism, humanitarian and non-governmental work.Students appearing for the entrance test are expected to have an understanding of Indian politics, world history, world geography, international affairs, contemporary social, economic and political issues at the national and international level.