School of Environment and Sustainable Development (SESD)

Environmental and sustainable development aimstouse natural resources and eco friendly technology to meet human needs while preserving and conserving theair, water and soil environment and maintaining the ecological balance for productive biodiversity. Green technology is generally differentiated from sustainable development in that green development prioritizes environment, social environment and economic sustainability. There is need forthe commitment to develop an appreciative awareness of the inter dependence of this entire element for the progressive development. Sustainable development is a learning process about making decisions that consider long term future of the natural resources.

The environmental and sustainable development includes the study of :

  1. Environmental issues and challenges
  2. Ecology, Ecosystem and Biodiversity
  3. Air, water, soil management
  4. Industrial Development : Pollution Generation and its impact
  5. Pollution control and abatement
  6. Green technology
  7. Environment and Natural Resources Management
  8. Environment Biotechnology
  9. Environment protection strategies

The School of Environment and Sustainable Development will have the following programme for the Academic Year 2014-15.

  1. M.Phil./Ph.D. in Environment and Sustainable Development