Center for Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

Comparative Literature is an interdisciplinary area of studies that has gained importance in the academic programmes of Humanities in the last few decades. As a subject it has great relevance to a multi-lingual society like India. Comparative Literature allows students to explore research areas in the core subjects of thematology, genealogy, literary history, literary influence, and reception, besides related fields of performance studies, theatre studies, film studies etc. It goes beyond mere comparative study of texts to include issues of nation, caste, race, gender, region, culture etc. in the analysis of texts. The relation between orality and literacy as well as issues related to the history of print and publishing also form topics studied under the rubric of Comparative Literature.

Programmes offered at Center for Comparative Literature and Translation Studies :

1) M.Phil-Ph.D. Integrated Programme:

The M.Phil. programme comprises of two semesters of course work followed by one semester for dissertation (extendable by one more semester without fellowship). Students can move on to the doctoral programme after successful completion of the M.Phil. requirements.