Centre for English Studies

The Centre for English Studies offers an M.A. English program consisting of four semesters of course work. The course content reflects the changed contours of the discipline of English Studies. In addition to the core literature courses each semester, students are offered a number of optional courses in thrust areas such as Translation Studies, Culture Studies, Post-colonial Studies, etc. The eclectic combination of courses is meant to provide opportunities for students to explore areas of their individual interest. The overall objective of the MA program is to the train students to think critically about language, literature, and culture. The School organizes guest lectures, workshops and seminars for students in areas such as Film, Editing, English Language Teaching, Academic Writing and Translation. Students are encouraged to present papers at academic conferences and seminars conducted by the School and also to travel to those organized by other academic institutions.

Programmes offered at Centre for English Studies :

1) M.A. in English

2) M.Phil. in English

3) Ph.D. in English