Dr. Hitesh Kulhari

Dr. Hitesh Kulhari

Assistant Professor,& DST INSPIRE Faculty

School for Nano Sciences,

Research interests:

  • Nanotechnology, Drug and Gene Delivery, Bioimaging, Biomaterials, Pharmaceutical Sciences .


  • Targeted co-delivery of anticancer drug and siRNA to overcome the multi-drug resistance in cancer treatment. Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
    (Total: 35 Lacs) (2016-2021). (Role: Principal Investigator) Status: Ongoing.
  • Determination of critical micellar concentration of docetaxel injection, USP. Sponsor: Oncology Unit, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad.
    Total: 5.6 Lacs. Role: Member. Status: Completed (July 2016).


Paper published: 29, Book Chapter: 01

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