Assistant Professor,
Ph.D (Chemistry): Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, 2010.

School for Nano Sciences,

She did her Ph.D. on the research title " Size and shape effects on the optical properties of nanoscale materials " from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (2008-2012). She has 11 research articles and patent in the various high impact international journals like Langmuir, New Journal of Chemistry, Journal of Alloys and Compounds etc. She worked as Post-doctoral Fellow in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Institute of Nanoscience and Technology, Mohali. Her research interests involve synthesis of high efficient photocatalyst, semiconductor metal oxides and nanocomposites for catalytic applications. She is also interested in waste management and designing of porous nanomaterials for water purification.

Highest Degree Obtained:    Ph. D.

Year Obtained:    2012

University:    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Area(s) of Specialization:    Nanomaterials, Material Chemistry, Photocatalysis and Heterogeneous Catalysis.

Teaching Interests:    Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

Previous Experience (Institution and dates):

  1. Assistant Professor: Central University of Gujrat, Gandhinagar, Gujrat (Jan 2017 to onwards)
  2. Assistant Professor: Akal University, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, Punjab (July 2016 to Dec 2016)
  3. Post-doctoral Fellow: Institute of Nanoscience and Technology, Mohali, Punjab (February 2015 to July 2016)
  4. Research Associate: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, (January 2012 to February 2015)
  5. Adhoc Faculty: IPPG College, Bulandshahr, U.P (August 2004 to December 2007)

Any Special Honors/Prizes/ Achievements:

  1. ‘ Rajendra Kishore Mittal ’ Gold Medal in Chemistry, (2004), University 1st position.
  2. ‘ Panna Lal Loywal ’ Gold Medal in Chemistry, (2004), University 1st position.
  3. ‘ Gaurav Mittal Smarti ’ Prize, (2004), College, 1st position.
  4. ‘ Vishes Yogayta ’ Prize, (2005) College, 1st position.
  5. ‘ Chem Draw ’ During Cognizance in Chemistry, (2011) 3rd Prize National Tech Fest.

Fellowships & Awards:

  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) 2010-2012 and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) 20082010 from DST, New Delhi, for doctoral study.
  • Awarded Postdoctoral Institute Fellowship from INST Mohali, funded by DST, GOI New Delhi.

Best Publications:

  • Manu Sharma, Sonalika Vaidya and Ashok K. Ganguli “ Designing of C3N4-TiO2 nanocomposite for degradation of Rhodamine B dye ” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2016, 335, 287-293 (IF: 2.477).
  • K Ojha, M Sharma, H Kolev, Ashok K. Ganguli “ Reduced graphene oxide and MoP composite as highly efficient and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution in both acidic and alkaline media ” Catalysis Science & Technology 2016, (IF: 5.426).
  • Manu Sharma, Kasinath Ojha, Aparna Ganguly and Ashok K. Ganguli “ Ag3PO4 nanoparticle decorated on SiO2 spheres for efficient visible light photocatalysis ” New Journal of Chemistry, 2015, 39, 9242-9248 (IF: 3.277).
  • Manu Sharma, Debashree Das, Arabinda Baruah, Archana Jain and Ashok K. Ganguli “ Design of porous silica supported tantalum oxide hollow spheres showing enhanced photocatalytic activity ” Langmuir, Volume 30, 2014, 3199-3208 ISSN 0743-7463 (IF : 3.993).
  • Manu Sharma, and P. Jeevanandam “ Synthesis, characterization and studies on optical properties of hierarchical ZnO - CdS nanocomposites ” Materials Research Bulletin, Volume 47, Issue 7, 2012, 17551761 ISSN: 0025-5408 (IF: 2.435).
  • Manu Sharma, and P. Jeevanandam “ Magnesium doping in hierarchical ZnO nanostructures and studies on optical properties ” Superlattices and Microstructures, Volume 52, Issue 6, 2012, 1083-1092 ISSN: 0749-6036 (IF : 2.117).
  • Manu Sharma, and P. Jeevanandam “Synthesis of magnesium oxide particles with stacks of plates morphology ” Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 509, 2011, 7881-7885 ISSN: 0925-8388 (IF: 3.014).
  • Patent

  • M. Sharma, Krishna Yadav, Menaka Jha and A. K .Ganguli, Extraction of silica nanoparticles from industry waste (patent filed).