Dr. Tamishraha Bagchi Profile

Dr. Tamishraha Bagchi

Professor and Dean,

School of Nano Sciences,

Education(Post-Graduation onwards & Professional Career)

SI No. Institution, Place Degree Year Field of Study
1 GB Pant Univ of Agric & Tech, Pantnagar M.Sc 1977 Biochemistry - major Microbiology - minor
2 Memorial University of New Foundland, Canada M.Sc 1986 Cell & Molecular Biology Subcellular compartmentalisation of mRNAs
3 Virginia Polytech Instt & State Univ, USA Ph.D 1990 Immunology Immune mechanisms in murine brucellosis: studies with strain RB51 a rough mutant of B. abortus

Position and Honors
Position and Employment (Starting with the most recent employment)

Sl No. Institution Place Position From (Date) To (date)
1 The M.S. University of Baroda Professor Feb 2007 July 2015
2 The M.S. University of Baroda Reader Sept 1993 Feb 2007
3 The M.S. University of Baroda Temp Lect June 1991 Sept 1993
4 National Instt. Immun, N. Delhi Scientist III Aug 1990 April 1991
5 CCMB, Hyderabad Sr. Sc. Asstt Dec 1979 Aug 1982
6 ICRISAT, Hyderabad Technical Asstt Aug 1977 Dec 1979

Experience in Years: (i) Teaching:      24 years  (ii) Non-teaching:      6 years

Research work and research publications:
Research interests:

  1. Probiotics - Studying molecular basis of host bacteria interactions
  2. Tuberculosis - Studies on vaccines/diagnostics.
  3. Immunobiology - Lipid rafts in macrophage-bacteria interactions, antigen presentation in autoimmune diseases

Major contribution:Contributed towards the development of a vaccine named RB51, against bovine brucellosis which is widely used in North and South America

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Books: (chapter)
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Participation in Conferences/Seminars, etc:


  1. Dhanani, A.S.and Bagchi, T. ‘Evaluating adhesion and immunomodulatory potential of Lactobacillus strains isolated from food and human origin’, presented at The 7th International Yakult Symposium at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK. April 22-23, 2013.
  2. Interaction of food and human isolates of lactobacilli with epithelial cell-lines. Ruchi Jariwala* and Tamishraha Bagchi at Two Day International Conference on Integrating Basic and Translational Research in Modern Biology, 2013, M.S University of Baroda, Vadodara
  3. Study of Immune cell functionality during malaria infection Abhik Saha, Namrata M. Nilavar and Tamishraha Bagchi presented at Two Day International Conference on Integrating Basic and Translational Research in Modern Biology, 2013, M.S University of Baroda, Vadodara
  4. To study the effects of potential probiotics on the mouse model of chronic colitis - Ashish Dhayani and T. Bagchi poster presented at 1st Annual Conference of PAi and International Symposium on Probiotics for Human Health, New Delhi, 27-28th Aug. 2012
  5. Expression analysis of Lactobacillus adhesions under mucin exposure and its role in adhesion of different Lactobacillus strains- Akhilesh Dhanani and T. Bagchi poster presented at 1st Annual Conference of PAi and International Symposium on Probiotics for Human Health, New Delhi, 27-28th Aug. 2012
  6. A study of FoxP3 versus pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in tuberculosis ” - Parul Shrivastava and T. Bagchi, poster presented at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Chemists (SBC) held at CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow, during 12 - 15 November 2011.
  7. Studies on Plasmodium falciparum antigenic peptides and specific HLA molecules involved in protection. Abhik Saha and T. Bagchi, poster presented at Nov. 3 - 6, 2011, 52nd Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI), Panjab University, Chandigarh
  8. Analysis of bile salt hydrolases and adhesion factors of Lactobacillus strains. Akhilesh Dhanani and T. Bagchi at 52nd Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI), Nov. 3 - 6, 2011, Panjab University, Chandigarh,


  1. DBT sponsored International Conference on “Integrating basic and translational research in modern biology ”at The M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara 390002 , 27th & 28th December 2013- Convener
  2. UGC sponsored One Day National Seminar on ‘ Expanding Horizons of Microbiology ’ at The M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara 390002 , 17th August 2013- Convener
  3. Regional Science Congress Vadodara 15-16 Sept 2012, Organising Committee
  4. XXVI Gujarat Science Congress, Vadodara, 26 Feb 2012, Organising Committee
  5. UGC DRS sponsored one day Seminar on Recent trends in microbial technology Vadodara 2 Feb 2012
  6. International conference on themes of higher education: prospects of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, 25-26 Nov 2010
  7. 2nd Meeting of National core group on Probiotics, New Delhi, 15 Nov, 2010
  8. Guest lecture at Lecture series in NDDS, TIFAC-CORE - Vadodara, 2010
  9. Society of Biological Chemists, India Bangalore, 2010. (Ph. D students poster)
  10. Gaudana,S.B., Dhanani, A.S., and Bagchi, T. Transformation of lactobacilli with insertional vector pGh9:ISS1. Poster presentation at the 50th AMI conference held at NCL, Pune, in December 2009. (Awarded 1st Prize)
  11. Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI) conference at NCL, Pune, 2009 (Ph. D students poster)
  12. 2nd India Probiotics Symposium , New Delhi, 7-8 Nov 2008
  13. SBC(I) Conference on “ Silencing the message : si and mi RNA ”, Vadodara, 2008
  14. Guest lecture at MSU Pharmacy Alumni Association meet, 2007
  15. International Symposium on Human Genomics and Public Health JNU, New Delhi, 2006 (Ph. D students poster)
  16. Gaudana,S.B., Bam, M., and Bagchi, T. Development of an effective biopesticide by site-directed and random mutagenesis at domain III of CryIA(c). Oral Paper Presentation at The National Conference on Biopesticides and Biofertilizers organized by Dr Babasheb Ambedkar Marthwada University, Osmanabad, Maharastra, India, in February 2006. (Awarded 3rd Prize).
  17. Emerging trends in molecular biology, Medicine and diagnosis, Vadodara, 2004.
  18. Guest Lecture at Lecture series on "Protein Delivery and Challenges" TIFAC-CORE, Vadodara, 2004.
  19. International symposium on molecular medicine, Comed Biotech, Vadodara 2003.
  20. International symposium on molecular biology, allergy and immunology, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Vadodara 2002.
  21. International symposium on molecular medicine, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Vadodara, 2000.
  22. Society of Biological Chemists (India) Dept. of Microbiology and Biotechnology centre, Annual meeting, Bangalore, 1999. (poster presentation)
    Besides the above, also participated in Refresher Courses, in the areas of Microbiology, Biochemistry, at the M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, and S.P. University, Anand, Academic Staff College, Anand.
Membership in learned Societies/Associations:
  1. Society of Biological Chemists (India) - Life Member
  2. Association of Microbiologists (India) - Life member
  3. Probiotic Association of India - Life Member
  4. Indian Immunological Society - Life member
  5. American Association for the Advancement of Science - Ordinary Member
  6. Fellow, Gujarat Science Academy
Academic distinctions:
  1. Recipient of CSIR Fellowship while at CCMB, Hyderabad
  2. Recipient of Student Fellowship during M.Sc at Memorial Universty of Newfoundland, Canada
  3. Recipient of Fellowship while doing Ph.D at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
  4. Recipient of Best Poster award at SBC(I) meeting, Bangalore 1999

Recipient of research funding from various agencies such as DBT, DST, UGC and NDDB.