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Assistant Professor

School of Environment and Sustainable Development


  • MSc, M.Phil., PhD

Areas of Interest/Specialization

  • Stress Physiology, Ecology.


  • Senior Lecturer: The University of Dodoma, Dodoma-Tanzania (November 2009-November 2013).
  • Assistant Professor: central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar- India (November 2013 to continue).

Awards & Honours

  • Not Available

Best Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Agrawal S.B. and Rathore D. (2007). Changes in oxidative stress defence system in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and mung bean (Vigna radiate L.) cultivars grown with and without mineral nutrients and irradiated by supplemental ultraviolet-B. Environmental and Experimental Botany 59: 21-33.
  • Singh R. and Rathore D. (2018). Oxidative stress defence responses of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and chilli (Capsicum annum L.) cultivars grown under textile effluent fertilization. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 123: 342-358.
  • Singh R., Glick B.R. and Rathore D. (2018). Biosurfactants as a Biological Tool to Increase Micronutrient Availability in Soil: A Review. Pedosphere 28 (2), 170-189.
  • Chaudhary I.J. and Rathore D. (2018). Suspended particulate matter deposition and its impact on urban trees. Atmospheric Pollution Research https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apr.2018.04.006.
  • Rathore D., Nizami A.S., Singh A. and Pant D. (2016). Key issues in estimating energy and greenhouse gas savings of biofuels: challenges and perspectives. Biofuel Research Journal 3 (2), 380-393 .

Recent Peer Reviewed Journals/Books

  • Singh A. and Rathore D. (Eds.) (2017). Biohydrogen Production: Sustainability of Current Technology and Future Perspective. Springer Science + Business Media, India .

International Collaboration/Consultancy

  • Not Available.

Patents (If any)

  • Not Available.