Dr. Atul Mishra Profile

Dr. Atul Mishra

Assistant Professor,

Centre for Studies in International Politics and Governance,


E-mail: atulmishra[@]cug.ac.in

Brief Profile:

Atul Mishra is Assistant Professor in international politics at the School of International Studies. He is trained in International Relations (IR) theories. He has a doctorate, awarded in 2013, in international politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His doctoral thesis examined post-partition ideas and practices of sovereignty in India and Pakistan.

Atul’s published theoretical research has been about state formation in South Asia. Specifically, it has focused on the emergence of political ideas and practices such as sovereignty and territoriality. Atul is now engaged in a collaborative study of India’s regional relations. He is also working on developing a social theory of international relations of South Asia. The latter involves examining the impact of the political modernization of South Asia on the emergence and diversity of the region’s international relations.

Atul teaches courses on Theories of International Relations and Indian Foreign Policy. He is interested in supervising research on international relations of modern South Asia, IR theories and India’s foreign policy.



  • [Co-authored with Rajesh Rajagopalan] Nuclear South Asia: Keywords and Concepts, New Delhi and Oxon: Routledge, 2014.

Refereed Research Papers:

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