Dr. Naresh Kumar Profile

Dr. Naresh Kumar

Assistant Professor

Centre for Diaspora Studies


Telephone: (Mobile) +91 9726773239/ 9868339814

Current Status

  • Joined as an Assistant Professor (on Contract) in Centre for Diaspora Studies, M.Phil./PhD Programme, teaching since September 2011, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Government of India.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Internal and International Migration, Indian Diaspora, Population and Development, Geography and Regional Studies, Research Methodology, labour Issues, Child Sex Ratio, Population Studies, Urban Poor, Cycle Rickshaw Pullers and urban poor issues.

Qualification Summary

  • Academic Year : 2012
    • Examination Passed : PhD in Population Studies
    • University /Institution : CSRD (SSS-1),JNU, New Delhi
    • Main Subjects : Topic: Migrant Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi: A Study of Socio-Economic and Demographic Correlates
  • Academic Year : 2006
    • Examination Passed : M. Phil in Population Studies
    • University /Institution : CSRD, JNU, New Delhi
    • Main Subjects : Population Studies
  • Academic Year : 2004
    • Examination Passed : M.A in Geography
    • University /Institution : CSRD, JNU, New Delhi
    • Main Subjects : Geography, Population Studies
  • Academic Year : 2001
    • Examination Passed : B.A (H) Geography
    • University /Institution : Bhim Rao Ambedker College, University of Delhi
    • Main Subjects : Geography, English, Hindi, Political Science

Key Technical Skills

  • SPSS, Word, Excel, Power Point, Arc GIS

Fellowships,Travel Grant and Award

  • I passed the UGC/NET /JRF/SRF in Geography and Population Studies in year 2005
  • Received travel Scholarship from Asian Population Association.
  • Received travel Scholarship from International Union of Scientific Studies of Population.
  • Received fellowship from Brown University, USA
  • Received travel grant from ICSSR, UGC for attend conference in Royal Geographical Society, London
  • Won Ocean Quiz Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Ocean Development 2005-2006.
  • Awarded Best Physique and Power lifting in Annual Sports meet JNU 2006, 2007, 2008

Countries Visited for Research Conference / Workshop and Training Programme

  • United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Bangkok (Thailand), South Korea.


  • Participated and presented paper on migration in workshop under the theme of �Population and Development: New Approaches to Enduring Global Problems� on 08-22nd June 2013, organized by Brown University, USA.
  • Attended two day workshop on �Towards Non-discriminatory Inclusive Growth; Learning from IIDS Research by Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, New Delhi on January 30th and 31st 2012 in New Delhi.
  • Worked as a team member of the project UNICEF entitled �Policies and Best Practices for Non-Discriminatory Inclusion and Access to Schemes Related to Nutrition , Education, Health, Sanitation - With a focus on Dalit and Muslim in general and Dalit and Muslim Women in particular ", July 2012. This studies conducted by UNICEF-IIDS partnership, New Delhi.

Paper Published in Journal / Books

  • Kumar, N., (2014). Accepted, International Migration and Development: A Study of Indian in Gulf Countries� Ajaya K. Sahoo (ed.), Indians in the Persian Gulf: Diaspora, Development and Distress, pp. 148-62. New Delhi: Rawat Publications
  • Souza�D, S., and Kumar, N,.(2012). �Indian Diaspora and the Currency War�, in National conference on Emerging Trends in Management towards Sustainable Development, S.R. Technical University, Tamil Nadu , September 2012 pp. 171-173, ISBN 978-81-8424-794-7.


International Conferences

  • Kumar, N., (2013). Unskilled Migration and Livelihood: A Study of Migrant Cycle Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi, Population and Development: New Approaches to Enduring Global Problems, 08-22nd June 2013, Brown University, USA.
  • Kumar, N., (2013). Globalization, Migration and Remittances: A Study of Indian Emigrants in Middle-East. International Union of Scientific Study of Population 26-31 August 2013 in Busan, South Korea.
  • Kumar, N., (2012). Declining Urban Child Sex Ratio in India: A Case Study of Selected States" 2nd Asian Population Association, 26-29 August 2012, Bangkok (Thailand),
  • Kumar, N., (2012). �Rural to Urban Migration of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi: Causes, Consequences and Impacts of Policy Imperatives� Royal Geographical Society 3�5 July 2012, University of Edinburgh ,United Kingdom(UK)
  • Kumar, N., (2012). Migration and Development: A study of Indian in GCC countries� International Conference on Development or Distress: 21st Century Indian Immigrants in the Persian Gulf, 11th and 12th March 2013, University of Hyderabad.
  • Kumar, N., (2012). �Migration-Development Interface: Policy Intervention and Role of Indian Diaspora Associations in North America� International conference on India Diaspora inter Linkage and Synergy organised by SAP/GOPIO at Gujarat University on 12th-13th January , 2012.

National Conferences

  • Kumar, N., (2012). �Migration and Labour Right: An Analysis of Semi-skilled/Unskilled Indian Migrants in GCC States�54th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Labour Economies, 20-22 December 2012, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India.
  • Souza�D, S., and Kumar, N., (2012). �Indian Diaspora and the Currency War� in National conference on Emerging Trends in Management towards Sustainable Development� Organized by the Veltech Technical University, 12th & 13 September 2012, Chennai.
  • Kumar, N., (2011). �Migration of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi: A Comparison Between Migrant and Non-Migrant Rickshaw pullers� National Seminar on Development and Population Stabilization in EAG States of India, Jaipur 4-6th April 2011 organized by IIPS Mumbai..

Research and Teaching Experiences

  • Currently teaching as an Assistant Professor (on Contract) since September 2011 in Centre for Diaspora Studies, Central University of Gujarat, Government of India.
  • Worked as data Analyst and Project Associate with NIHFW, New Delhi on �Annual Sentinel Surveillance for HIV Infection Round 2005� (March 2005 to November 2006).
  • Worked in an NGO (EKATRA), did Data Coding, Questionnaire Translation, Qualitative data grouping, data recording, July to December 2005.
  • Worked as Volunteer at International Conference at IHC-East-West Centre. USA ( 16-18 Nov 2005)
  • Had been Invited for delivered lectures on Research Methodology for class 1 & 2 officers in Basic Training Programme, Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Members of Academic Association

  • Population Association of America
  • Asian Population Association
  • Brown University, USA
  • International Union of Scientific Study of Population
  • Royal Geographical Society
  • National Association of Geographers India
  • IIPS

M. Phil /PhD Supervision

  • Sivannarayna. B. (2014). Indian Diaspora in the United States of America: A Study of Immigration Policy Perspective. M.Phil Dissertation submitted to Central University of Gujarat(Submitted)
  • Banjare S (2014) Role of Social Media in International Migration: A Case Study of Indian Immigrants in the United Kingdom. M.Phil Dissertation submitted to Central University of Gujarat(Submitted)
  • Ramanamurthi.B. (2014). Socio-Econimic and Demographic Profile of Return Migration: A Case Study of Mahbubnagar District in Andha Pradesh. M.Phil Dissertation submitted to Central University of Gujarat(Submitted).


I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information is true and best of my knowledge.

Dr. Naresh Kumar