Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar Profile

Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar

Assistant Professor,

Centre for Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies,

School of Social Sciences,

Email: priya.k.ranjan[@]cug.ac.in

Academic Qualification

  • M.A. in POLITICS (with specialization in International Relations) (2006), School of International Studies (SIS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.
  • M. Phil Dissertation on Israel"s Relations with Russia, 1990-2006, (2008), Centre for West Asian Studies (CWAS), SIS, JNU, New Delhi.
  • Ph. D, on Regional Security Regime in Contemporary West Asia: An Enquiry into the Conditions and Constraints, CWAS, SIS, JNU, New Delhi.

Awards and Achievements:

  • UGC-NET-JRF/SRF- International Relations, (2006)
  • Received Letter of Appreciation from Vice Chancellor, JNU (2009), for Excellent M. Phil Dissertation.
  • C-NET-Political Science (2010).

Areas of Research:

  • Theories of International Relations, International Regime (security regime), Peace and Security studies, Conflict Resolution, Arms Control and Disarmament, Conflict and Security in West Asia, Bilateral and Multilateral Interactions.
  • External involvements in West Asia and its Impact on and Security, Conventional Security challenges and conventional Security Concerns in the region.
  • Recently developed interest on Kautilya, M. K. Gandhi and B. R. Ambedkar

Courses Offered (share):

  • Research Methodology-I, M.Phil in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies.
  • Development, Justice and Sarvodya, M.Phil in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies.
  • Political Studies-I, MA in Social Management.
  • Research Method-II, M. Phil in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies.
  • Conflict, Violence and Peace, M. Phil in Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies.

Courses Offered (single):

  • Political Studies-II, MA in Social Management.



  • Kumar Abhay, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Abdul Rahman Ansari and Ajit Kumar Nirala (2010), Colonialism and Nationalism in India, Delhi: Book Age Publications.

Articles in Books:

  • Kumar Priya Ranjan (2008), "India and Israel Relations: Crossing the Rubicon", in World Focus Series, India"s Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change, Vol. 2, New Delhi: World Focus in association with Academic Excellence, pp.177-187.
  • "Yemen and Saudi Arabia: Changing Dynamics of inter-state Conflicts", in A. K. Pasha (Eds.), Contemporary Yemen and India-Yemen Relations,Forthcoming;
  • "Gulf Regional Security: Role of External Actors", in A. K. Mohapatra (Eds.), Foreign Policy of Turkey under AKP, Forthcoming.

Articles in Journals:

  • (2008), “US, Iran Stand off and its impact on India”, World Focus, 338: 78-81, February;
  • (2008), “Russia"s Relations with Israel and Iran: Shaping New Dimensions”, World Focus, 344: 31-324, August;
  • (2011), “India and Israel: Changing Equations and Emerging Trends”, International Journal of South Asian Studies, 4 (2): 372-389, July-December,

Paper Presentations:

  • (2008), "Saudi-US Relation in the context of War on Terror", Indian Social Science Congress, Mumbai, 28-31st December.
  • (2011), "Breaking the Myth of Silence: Common Features of Democratic upheaval in the Arab World" in Student Seminar, organized by CWAS, SIS, JNU, New Delhi, 19 September.
  • (2012), "Yemen and Saudi Arabia: Changing Dynamics of Inter-state Conflicts", in National Seminar on Contemporary Yemen and Indo-Yemen Relations, CWAS, SIS, JNU, New Delhi, 30-31st January.
  • (2012), "Gulf Regional Security: Role of External Actors", in National Seminar on Turkey and the Gulf Region, CWAS, SIS, JNU, New Delhi, 27 March.
  • (2013), “Gandhi, Ambedkar and Justice”, presented in Nation Seminar themed on Human Rights in India: Dalits, Tribals and Minorities, organized by Centre for Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies, School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 21-22 November.
  • (2013), “Existing Conflicts and Emerging Power Dynamics in West Asia: An Analysis from Kautilyan Perspective”, presented in Annual International Studies Convention 2013, themed on Re-imagining Global Orders: Perspectives from the South, organized by School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 10-12 December.
  • (2014), “Gandh"s idea of Child Education: Role for Media”, presented in National Seminar themed on Children and Women in Media: Issues and Perspectives, organized by Faculty of Family and community Sciences, the M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, 26-27 March.