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Dr. Sarala Dasari

Assistant Professor

Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning

School of Social Sciences

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E-Mails: saralalenin.cug[@]ac.in , dsaralalenin[@]gmail.com

Currently she is an Assistant Professor in Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Central university of Gujarat, Gandinagar, India. She is a native of Kaikalur, Krishna District, and Andhra Pradesh, India. Her early education in schools (1st to 7 th in St. Arnold's School, Hyderabad; 8th to10th in Kinnera Public School, Khammam) and colleges (10+2 in Sharada Jr. College, Khammam; BA in Wesley Degree College, Secundrabad) in and around Hyderabad. She obtained MA in Economics from Osmania University. Later she joined in School of Economics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad for MPhil and subsequently awarded PhD. During PhD she was selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship. Soon after she was a UGC Post-Doctoral Fellow and UGC Post-Doctoral Fellow for Women in Economics, University of Hyderabad.

Specilization and Research:

Public Economics and Development Economics (Government Expenditure and Impact on Education, Health, Poverty & Rural Development).


  • BA (Economics) : Wesley Degree College, Hyderabad.
  • MA (Economics): Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  • MPhil (Economics) : University of Hyderabad (with Prof. J. Manohar Rao). Dissertation: ' Problems and Prospects of Rural Credit and Rural Development in the Context of Liberalization'. Specializations: Industrial Economics, Statistics, Research Methodology, Advanced Economic Theory, Social Accounting and Data Base.
  • PhD (Economics) : University of Hyderabad (with Prof. J.V.M. Sarma). Thesis: ' The Effectiveness of Public Expenditure on Social Services: An Empirical Study of Indian States'. Specializations: Public Finance, Development Economics, International Economics.
  • Post-Doc (Economics) : University of Hyderabad (with Prof. J.V.M. Sarma and Dr. K. Laxminarayana), Hyderabad. Specializations: Public Economics and Development Economics.

Fellowships and Honours:

  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (2005-2010).
  • UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2011-2012).
  • UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women (2012-2013).


Currently Assistant Professor in Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat.


  • MPhil / PhD (Economics): Development Economics.
  • MPhil / PhD (Economics): Advanced Theory (Macro Economics)
  • IMA (Social Management): Macro Economics.
  • IMA (Social Management): Health Policies and Programmes

Invited Lectures, Talk, Presentation in Conferences, Seminars & Workshops:

  • Dasari, S. (2014) presented paper in the Women's Worlds Congress on the topic "Women and Health in Andhra Pradesh- India, 17-22, August 2014 organised by University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.
  • Dasari, S.( 2014) presented paper in the International Conference on PUBLIC POLICY AND GOVERNANCE IN THE ERA OF GLOBALISATION on the topic " Public Expenditure and Impact on Human Development" , 12-14 February ,2014 organised by Central University of Kerala Kasaragod, Kerala..
  • Dasari, S. (2014) presented paper titled "Government Expenditure on Health and Family Welfare and Impact on Infant Mortality Rate" in the International Conference on WOMEN AND MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS: A SOCIAL WORK RESPONSE, 13-14th February 2014, organized by MS University Baroda, Gujarat.
  • Invited talk on Indian Union Budget for 2013-14: Published in 'Times of India' - 'Ahmedabad Mirror' on 1 March 2013.

Orientation Course/ Refresher Course/MDP, etc. Attended:

Attended the "Orientation Course" (A Grade) in Feb-March 2014.in the ASC, University of Hyderabad.

Administrative Experience:

  • Ladies Hostel Warden.
  • Library Advisory Committee Member.
  • Member of SC/ST Remedial Course Committee, from 2013 -14.
  • Committee member for the Elections of the Office of the Student's Council for the academic year 2013-14.
  • Member in Furniture Committee and Local Furniture Committee, 2013, -14.
  • Member in Earn while Learn Committee.
  • Member in Guest House Committee.