Dr. Parvathi K. Iyer Profile

Dr. Parvathi K. Iyer

Assistant Professor

Centre for Studies in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

School of Social Sciences

Central University of Gujarat

Email: parvathikiyer[@]cug.ac.in

Recent Publications

  • 2012. The Science and Politics of Nimesulide: Retracing the ‘Career’ of a Controversial Drug. ISS E-Journal: Journal of the Indian Sociological Society. Volume 1, Number 1 (July-December 2012)
  • 2012. Innovative Technologies and Opportunities for the Visually Challenged: A Case Study of Academia-Industry Collaboration in Gujarat. Journal of Humanities and Social Science ISSN: 2279-0845. Volume 1, Issue 5 (Sept-Oct. 2012)
  • 2009. Regulatory Issues in the Indian pharmaceutical industry’ In P. Banerjee (ed.) India, Science and Technology 2008. NISTADS, CSIR. ISBN-81-85121-35-4.
  • 2009. Technological Activities of Small Scale Pharmaceutical Firms.’ in P. Banerjee (ed.) India, Science and Technology 2008. NISTADS, CSIR. ISBN-81-85121-35-4
  • Iyer, Parvathi K. & Dinesh Abrol. 2009. Financing of Health S&T. in P. Banerjee (ed) India, Science and Technology 2008. NISTADS, CSIR. ISBN-81-85121-35-4.
  • Iyer, Parvathi K. & Vrajendra Upadhyay. 2009. Tyre Industry in India. In P. Banerjee (ed) India, Science and Technology 2008. NISTADS, CSIR. ISBN-81-85121-35-4.

Presentations in National and International Conferences and Workshops/ Invited Lectures (2010-14)

  • 2014. ‘Unpacking Public Engagement with Governance of Biomedical Innovation in India: Role of ‘Hybrid Forums’ at the workshop on Biomedical Innovation and the Public, organized jointly by the Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and King’s College, London at New Delhi on March 13-14, 2014.
  • 2013. ‘Straddling the Local, National and the Global: Understanding the Discourse of Drug Quality through the Practices of a Civil Society Organization’ at the Global Health and Science & Technology Studies (STS) workshop organized jointly by University of Maastricht, Netherlands and ETHOX Centre, University of Oxford, U.K. at Maastricht, Netherlands on November 11-13, 2013
  • 2013. Invited lecture entitled ‘Interrogating Regulatory Cultures: Direct to Consumer (DTC) Promotion of Prescription Drugs through Internet in India and the United States’ at the School of Social Sciences, University of Crete on October 18, 2013. Participated in the academic interchange and workshop on ‘Global perspectives on digital media research: methodological approaches and data analyses’, organized at the University of Crete, Greece from October 14-22, 2013
  • 2012. ‘Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies from Developing to Developed Countries: A Political Economy perspective’ at the National Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development held at School of Environmental and Sustainable Development, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar on March 15-16, 2012 (with K. Jose).
  • 2011. ‘GMP, Standardization and the Discourse of Drug Quality: A Case Study of Locost Therapeutics Ltd’ at the 37th All India Sociological Conference , Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Indian Sociological Society held at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on December 11-13, 2011
  • 2011. ‘The Contested Terrain of Pharmaceutical Regulation: Ethical dimensions in the Indian Context’ in the National Seminar on Science, Technology and the Nation: In Search of Moral Fulcrum. January 24-26, 2011 at Centre for Knowledge Culture and Innovation Studies, University of Hyderabad (Seminar sponsored by University of Hyderabad and European Commission on SET-DEV Project)

Workshop Attended

Two-day National workshop on the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013)’, organized and held by Institute of Public Administration, Bangalore on February 24-25, 2014

Administrative Duties at CUG (2010-14)

  • Chairperson, CSSTIP (from December 2013)
  • Warden, Girls Hostel, CUG (from August 2010)
  • Member, GSCASH (2013-14)

Teaching Courses at CUG (2010-14)

Monsoon Semester

  • (SSD 602: Science, Technology & Development)
  • Module on Philosophy of Science (SSD 601: Research Methodology-1)
  • Winter Semester

  • Module on History of S&T in the Post-Independence period (SSD 652: History of S&T in India)
  • Modules in (SSD 651: Technology Futures Analysis)
  • Sectoral S&T Policy (SSD 654: Optional Paper)

Supervision of M. Phil. Thesis of CSSTIP Students (2010-14)

Sr. No.

Name & Enrollment No. of student

Title of the Dissertation

Date of Award of Provisional Degree/ Present Status


Ms. Reema J. Trivedi


“Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Enabling Women Entrepreneurship : A Case Study of Gujarat”

30th January 2012


Ms. Dolly Bajpai CUG/2010/0025

“The Role of Consumer Organizations in The Process of Standardization in India : A Case Study of Packaged Drinking Water”

27th September 2012


Ms. Wairokpam Premi Devi CUG/2010/0027

“Food Processing Industry and the Role of Women in Manipur”

20th October 2012


Sh. Manoj Vimal


“Exploring the ‘cross-talk’ Between Genetic Testing and Indian Society”

24th October 2013


Sh. Lingraj Behera


“Academic–Industry Collaborations in Gujarat: Present Status and Emerging Trends”

10th February 2014


Ms. Priyanka Kumari


Breast Cancer Care Management in India: R&D, Diagnosis and Policy related Measures

Thesis submitted. Awaiting viva voce


Sh. R. Ratheesh


Traditional Water Harvesting Technology: A study of Surangam in Kasaragod, Kerala

Thesis submitted. Awaiting viva voce


Ms. Ranjana Bharthi


Public-Private Partnerships in Infectious Diseases in India



Kirti Mohanlal Sharma


Public Engagement with Cyber Crimes in India


Supervision of Ph.D. Thesis (ongoing) of CSSTIP Students (2010-14)

  • Mansukh Zapadiya ---R&D, Commercialization and Policy related aspects in Renewable Energy sector
  • Dolly Bajpai—Public engagement with food safety standards in India
  • Manoj Vimal—Genome Wide Association studies in India
  • R Ratheesh—Social Shaping of Water Harvesting Technologies in India
  • Priyanka Kumari--Public-private partnerships in Cancer Care Management