School of Applied Material Sciences (SAMS)

The changing global scenario in research and economy demands a multidisciplinary approach in science with an aim to be self-sustainable and leaders in the field. It is speculated that 21st century belongs to those who subscribe to out of the box approach and thinking. Advanced materials are essentials to economic security and human well-being, with application in multiple industries, including those aimed at addressing challenges in clean energy, national security, and human welfare. Accelerating the pace of discovery and deployment of advanced material system will, therefore, be crucial to achieving global competitiveness in the 21st century. The purpose of this Centre is to provide cross-fertilization of new ideas and methodology which could serve as a conduit for collaboration between experimental research who are synthesizing, characterizing and collecting real world data and computational research in model building, simulation, and analysis under one roof. This synergy provides critical fundamental that can guide new experiments and accelerates discovery. Industry personnel are regularly invited as guest faculty in the center to provide inputs in industrial requirements and enhance the skill of students.


  • M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  • Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry

Thrust areas:

Computational chemistry, drug designing, Multi-disciplinary research programs including total synthesis of bioactive molecules, the design of novel methodologies and catalytic asymmetric reactions, Medicinal Chemistry and total synthesis of biologically active natural products.