M.A. in Politics & International Relations (School-level Programme)

The M.A. in Politics and International Relations programme has been designed to encourage the study of politics and international affairs in western India. The School seeks to leverage its unique location in the state of Gujarat to facilitate critical understanding of and linkages with the global forces that shape India and the world.

Established in 2012, this programme trains students in the two related academic fields of Politics and International Relations (IR). Four core courses from each field are taught and these form the foundation of academic training. Some of these courses include Theories of International Relations, Global Governance, International Law, International Political Economy, State and Politics in India and Political Theory. Students have the option of crediting courses offered by other Schools and Centres of the University as well.

This programme's strength is robust training in the all the major aspects of domestic politics and international relations, which it offers through quality teaching. The programme's syllabi are regularly updated and a fine blend of classic and contemporary academic resources is maintained.

The programme gets international students via its collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

This programme prepares students for careers in the academia, niche journalism such as defense, security and foreign affairs, entrepreneurship in new media, civil services, advocacy groups and non-governmental organisations.