Department of Studies In Economics And Planning (DSEP)

The CSEP under the School of Social Sciences is offering M.Phil./Ph.D. programmes in Economics since 2010-11 and MA in Economics since 2015-16. The main objectives of the Centre are to deliver quality education and to promote socially relevant research in the field of economics and policy-making. In addition to building a theoretical knowledge base in various areas of economics, the Centre strives to promote analytical thinking and empirical research skills to address the emerging socio-economic issues at local, national and global levels. By means of providing quality research in the different dimensions of economics, the objectives of the Centre are to contribute to policy research, facilitate inclusive and sustainable growth.

The syllabus of the Centre is innovatively designed to enhance students’ learning in theoretical, analytical and empirical knowledge to better understand and analyze behaviours of economic agents like individuals, households, firms and economies and their connection to the general well-being of the country. The Centre comprehensively focuses on the areas of regional economic growth and human development, economics of education, informal sector, employment and wages, public finance and policies, health, international business, and industry studies. The faculty members are committed to academic excellence, and they encourage the students to contribute to the welfare of the nation and to promote economic and social justice by means of their valuable and authentic research.


  • M.A. in Economics
  • Ph.D. in Economics

About Programme

India has a complex and diverse economy comprising heterogeneous sub-national economies, strong dualism of economic structure (formal vis-á-vis informal sector; large firms vis-á-vis MSMEs; rural vis-á-vis urban sector) and intensifying economic and social inequalities in terms of different dimensions of human development. So, the country faces several challenges in achieving higher level of development that is inclusive and sustainable. M.A. and Ph.D. in economics are our flagship programmes that are designed to train students to become professional economists with required skills who can understand, analyze and provide solutions to economic issues and take on a variety of responsibilities within this field of economics. These programmes are structured around ideas and theoretical knowledge of economics and also examination of critical economic questions based on strong component of fieldwork and report writing.

M.A. in Economics: The M.A. in economics is a full-time two-year, four- semester programme of 72 credits broken into 48 credits of core compulsory courses, 16 credits of core elective courses and 8 credits of field work and report writing. The core compulsory courses offer students a foundational understanding of key concepts, ideas and theories in economics as well essential mathematical, statistical, and econometric tools required in undertaking economic analysis. The elective courses allow the students to choose the key areas in economics where they want to enhance their knowledge and deepen their specialization. Fieldwork and report writing is a compulsory feature of the programme in each semester as it provides students the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge and quantitative tools in analyzing economic problems. Overall, the programme has incorporated courses like Statistical methods for economics; Econometrics I, Econometrics II, Economics of Social Sector, FDI and Development in India, Economics of Insurance, Economics of Infrastructure, Data Analysis and Computer Applications in Economics, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, etc that have direct bearing on employability, skill development and entrepreneurship.

Ph.D. in Economics: The Ph.D. in economics is a minimum of three years including course work and a maximum of six years duration programme. The course work, which is a prerequisite for the programme, covers initial two-semester having 20 credits broken into 10 credits of core compulsory courses, 6 credits of core elective courses and 2 credits of field work and report writing and another 2 credit of term paper writing. The core compulsory courses prepare students by providing courses on research methodology (4 credits) and advanced economic theories. The elective courses allow the students to choose specialization area in the field of economics in which they want to pursue their research. The course-work helps students become skilled, critical and analytical to explore various contemporary economic challenges faced by the nation, regions, sectors, firms and households and reach solutions for those problems.

Intake of Students

1. M.A. in Economics: 33 seats (AY 2020-21)

2. Ph.D. in Economics: Number of seats depends upon vacancies under the supervisors.