School of International Studies (SIS)

The Department of International Politics (DIP) offers an integrated MPhil-PhD programme in International Politics. Academic activities at the Centre take place within the framework of the discipline of International Relations (IR).Teaching and research in the theory and practice of International Politics are the core concerns of the Centre. At CIP, the domain of International Politics refers to academic fields such as IR theories, international histories, international relations of South Asia, several aspects of International Political Economy, and issues related to security, conflict and governance. Faculty members at the Centre work in these areas with a particular focus on India and South Asia. Coursework at CIP involves two semesters of training in Research Methodology, theories of IR, and courses offered by faculty members according to their specialization. We encourage student research that contributes to existing scholarly knowledge, is policy relevant, and advances public understanding of international affairs. Our students so far have worked on issues related to International Political Economy, India's Foreign Policy and conflict, political modernization and security scenarios in South Asia.


  • M.Phil. in International Politics
  • Ph.D. in International Politics