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Centre For Studies In Social Management(CSSM)

The Centre for Studies in Social Management (CSSM) was established in Central University of Gujarat to nurture a multidisciplinary approach which integrates disciplines of Social Work, Management and Public Policy embedded in the Social Sciences, for dealing with complex development issues.

The Programme commenced in the year 2010-11. Social Management as a discipline envisages a rigorous teaching and research programme that seeks to impart, understand and develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills with respect to policy issues so as to act as a catalyst for change. The core idea is to have professionals and researchers who will contribute in innovative and critical ways to the development sector. Given the diverse actors in the policy domain, the Centre provides a platform for dialogue between academia, government, civil society and NGOs at various levels.
The areas of research interests of CSSM are:

Governance, Management of Reforms, Social Exclusion, Law and Marginality, Migration, Financial inclusion, Women Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Police Studies, Criminal Justice Reforms and Institutional Studies.


  • To develop teaching/training aimed at front-line managers with a concretised social perspective, especially at the grass root levels with a view to provide professional Social Management personnel the developmental sector that straddles the state, market and the civil society.
  • To evolve experimental action programmes and strategies related to development which are innovative and demonstrative of new areas of practice/strategies/service delivery, which can also serve as centres for training and research.
  • To undertake research that will contribute to theory building and practice in a multidisciplinary intervention framework.
  • To contribute to policy discussions at various levels, that defines the context for a proper intervention based on the outcomes of field and academic initiatives.
  • To critically introduce the issues of marginal and excluded peoples in the context of the state and market within the framework of rights based empowered perspective

Programmes Offered

  • Integrated / Dual Degree (B.A (Hon) Social Management) – (M.A Social Management)
  • Ph. D in Social Management

About Integrated / Dual Degree (B.A (Hon) Social Management) – (M.A Social Management) Programme

The 5 years, Integrated / Dual Degree (B.A (Hon) Social Management) – (M.A Social Management) is being offered at Centre for Studies in Social Management, since 2010. From the Academic Year 2021-22, the 5 years integrated programme, shall be of Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF).The fundamental premise underlying the learning outcomes-based approach to curriculum planning is that higher education qualifications such as Integrated/Dual Degree (BA (Hon) Social Management) - (MA Social Management) is awarded on the basis of demonstrated achievement of outcomes (expressed in terms of knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values) and academic standards expected of the integrated programmes. This curriculum Frame work, is an outcome-based framework. Learning outcomes specify what students completing a particular programme of study are expected to know and be able to do at the end of their programme of study. The learning outcomes indicate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are required to enable the students to effectively participate in knowledge production and in the knowledge economy, improve national competitiveness in a globalized world and for equipping young people with skills relevant for global and national labour markets and enhancing the opportunities for social mobility by simultaneously engaging with the local.

The LOCF of Social Management course shall consist of Core Courses, Ability Enhancement Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, Discipline Specific Courses and Field Work and related courses. Integrated / Dual Degree (B.A (Hon) Social Management) – (M.A Social Management) has ten semesters with taught courses which are inter-disciplinary in scope and a field work component which includes summer internship, projects and study tours aimed at providing a practical orientation and problem–solving skills. On completion of the course, the students would find gainful employment at various managerial positions in social organizations & development sector.

About Ph.D in Social Management Programme

Ph.D. programme in Social Management was initiated in the year 2017. Ph.D. programme is designed to provide insights in the fields of management, social sciences and governance in order to address issues and concerns in the social and development sectors with a governance framework. Public sector and private sector organizations from NGOs to social enterprises are critically assessed. While drawing on the breadth of research expertise and practical experience in the School of Social Sciences, this course includes a practical exercise with a development agency, Non–government organizations as part of its assessment. Using an interdisciplinary frame, this program's focal concerns are to look into theories in management, evolving markets, new public management, society in India, migration, law, criminal justice social work, corporate social responsibility, micro finance, civil society initiatives, state, para-state institutions and multi-layers of governance. It has one year of course work which would lead students into suitable areas for further research.


  • To provide insights from multidisciplinary fields in the management, governance, social sciences in order to address issues and concerns in the social and development management sectors with a governance framework.
  • To critically assess the public and private sector organizations, NGOs and social enterprises among others.
  • To think through some of the theoretical and practical concerns in the development sector through the lens of social sciences, management and governance.
Intake of Students: (for each programme)

a) Integrated / Dual Degree (B.A (Hon) Social Management) – (M.A Social Management) - 33 seats (5 years programme, after successful completion of 3 years, B.A (Hon) Social Management degree shall be awarded).

b) Ph. D in Social Management (as per the availability of seats against each faculty according to the norms of UGC 2016).